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Is This Utopia? A Look at Fox’s New Series

Despite my awareness of the possible negative effects of watching TV — antisociality, heightened materialism, “brain-rot,” etc. — I still do it. For one reason, as fans of the The Wire or Breaking Bad explain, television has gotten really good, approaching cinematic levels of quality. But more importantly, when taken in moderate doses, with a […]

October 18th

Jodorowsky’s Quest for the Mythical City of Tar Alejandro Jodorowsky, the filmmaker/mime/writer/Tarot expert/etc., has made a spiritual journey of his entire body of work. This applies to both the body in its entirety and each of its individual parts. In the book Anarchy and Alchemy, Ben Cobb uses this quest as an underpinning for his discussion of each of Jodorowsky’s films, citing […]

October 4th

The Possibilities and Dangers of Pursuing a Better Future

Norman Cohn’s The Pursuit of the Millennium provides a detailed look at millennial groups in the Middle Ages. He variously uses the terms eschatology, chiliasm, and heresy to describe the binding beliefs of each of these groups, mostly based on literal readings of the Book of Revelations. In general, they believed that following a period […]

August 12th

Charles Fourier, Turning Daily Drudgery Into Lemonade

After mentioning Peter Lamborn Wilson’s interesting approach to Nerval, I ended up re-visiting some of Wilson’s other writings about religion and spirituality, including “Fourier! – Or, The Utopian Poetics.” In it, Wilson applies poetic treatment to another eccentric 19th-century character from France, Charles Fourier, who variously fit the following titles: Utopian philosopher, equal rights crusader, […]

April 18th