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Jews, Judaism, and Genetically Modified Crops

About a year ago, EdenKeeper published an article discussing the Jewish perspective on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We acknowledged the benefits and risks and concluded by asking a simple question: do GMOs help Jews create a more perfect world? Roger Price, an attorney and founder of the wonderful site, Judaism and Science, took a slightly different look. […]

March 9th

Answering Our Prayers Before We Speak Them

By Rabbi Katy Z. Allen, originally posted on Ma’yan Tikvah’s Divrei Earth Connections. Everything is about connections. Connections across space. Connections across time. Connections in thought and spirit. Connections between. Connections among. Just connections, nothing else. That’s what prayer is about. That is what faith is about. That is what life is about. In this week’s parashah, […]

November 17th

Kabbalah Reveals a Holy Quest to Repair the World

How can Kabbalah, the system of mystical interpretation of Jewish scripture with roots in the 13th century, have a bearing on modern-day environmentalism? In the Kabbalistic view, God’s very act of creation has resulted in placing a sacred obligation on man to make right what is askew in the world. This obligation doesn’t just play out […]

July 21st

WEBINAR: Does Environmentalism Work If It’s Godless?

EdenKeeper is excited to announce a new webinar, “Does Environmentalism Work If It’s Godless,” on July 10, 2014 at 1:00pm EST. There is no shortage of threats to our environment. We are faced with disappearing forests, dwindling biodiversity, toxic pesticides on our produce, polluted oceans, and a warming planet. While we may applaud the latest […]

July 2nd

Why God Must Be Part of Our Environmental Discussion

Green sloganeering can celebrate a marketing victory. “Environmental protection,” “environmentalism,” and “green” have won the hearts and minds of the world. Countries across the globe — even rogue North Korea — have claimed to join the movement. Indeed, environmental marketing has become so successful that no company or country, person or politician wants to be […]

May 29th