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When 40 Tiger Cubs Are Found Frozen, Who’s to Blame?

Rows of frozen tiger cubs were displayed on a blue blanketĀ at a Buddhist temple west of Bangkok, Thailand this week. It’s hard to read the emotion of the onlookers in the photo — a mix of wildlife authorities, police officials, and photographers — because surgical masks cover half their faces. But I can only imagine […]

June 2nd

Thailand Hosts Energy & Climate Interfaith Conference

With the start of the Industrial Revolution, the world exited an era of climate stability. Fueled by unchecked burning of oil, gas, and coal, this revolution is scorching our planet. The insatiable human appetite for energy has reached a tipping point where life is critically impacted, jeopardizing the very connections between Earth and all of […]

December 2nd

Thailand Elephants Show Celebrates Traditions

Since ancient times, the Surin Province of Thailand has been known for elephants. This past week marked the annual elephants roundup in Surin, a lively celebration of the faith, history, and culture of both the area and its elephants. Hundreds of elephants and their “mahouts,” or caregivers, converge on Surin to relive and maintain the […]

November 22nd

Thailand Spiritual Activist Faces Royal Insult Charge

Prominent social, environmental, and spiritual activist Sulak Sivaraksa has been accused of ‘insulting’ a past king of Thailand. In late October, two retired army officers filed a complaint against Sulak, 82, over remarks he made at a seminar on Oct. 12 that included comments about King Naresuan, a national hero who died in 1605. Thailand […]

November 17th

The Buddhist Ecological Movement

In Buddhism we see no real direct reference to environmental concerns or damage in the teachings. This can lead to feelings that Buddhism is not really interested in environmental issues, as Buddhism has espoused non-action and no attachment to this world. People have misunderstood this to mean a lack of interest in the environment. This […]

July 9th