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Buddhist Holiday in Sri Lanka Honors Buddha With Trees

According to Buddhist tradition, just before Buddha died he saw his faithful attendant Ananda weeping. Buddha advised him not to weep over the natural disintegration of his physical body, but follow his teachings and pass them on because only truth is eternal. Buddhists remember this advice on Vesak, their lord’s birthday, by refocusing on his teachings […]

June 1st

Spiritual Explorer: The World In A Day

Imagine if you could see the entire world in a single day. If you could, in a day, soar to the dazzling heights of its tallest towers, and dive the bottom-most crags in the depths of the oceans, and know them as you do the lines and wrinkles of your own face. Think of what […]

March 27th

Spiritual Explorer: Faces in Sri Lanka

I see the faces washing past me As would a rapidly moving stream My eyes search for their hopes Their dreams, fears, wants And needs wishing to see What it is they feel. It’s an oddly different sensation to be in crowded place and not speak a word of the language, then to have every […]

March 13th

Spiritual Explorer: Sri Lanka’s Cash Culture

Editors Note: This article is part of a series. Follow along as Jacob explores widely different cultures and places and delves into the spirituality, history, and people that make these places unique. A thick cloud of red dust swirls under the tires of a jeep equipped to quite possibly drive straight through the thick underbrush […]

February 20th