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Unitarians Sue for Religious Freedom to Use Solar Panels

First Parish Unitarians are crying ‘foul’ over a recent denial to allow solar panels on the rooftop of their iconic church in Bedford, Massachusetts. Declaring the Historic District Commission’s (HDC) decision was “legally untenable, unreasonable, arbitrary and capricious,” the congregation has filed a suit against the Town of Bedford. Specifically pointing to the US Constitution’s […]

August 17th

DC Church Claims Bike Lanes Violate Religious Freedom

A lot of religious organizations do a lot of great work to protect the environment. From Pope Francis’s environmental encyclical, to small congregations making the choice to go green and connect to nature, the faithful show their dedication to the people and world around them in a myriad of ways. Well, at least they should show their dedication; […]

October 20th

Catholic Rep. Paul Gosar Is Boycotting the Pope and You Should Care

When House Speaker John Boehner invited Pope Francis to address a Joint Meeting of the United States Congress in March 2014, he probably thought the Catholic leader played for “Team Republican.” But Boehner’s assumption — as is often the case — was wrong. Pope Francis sounds more like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren than Jeb Bush when […]

September 21st