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Moapa Paiute Indians Harness the Sun’s Energy in Nevada

Celebrating Native American self-resilience via energy harnessed from the sun, US Interior Secretary Sally Jewell recently green-lighted the third utility-scale solar project on Tribal lands of the Moapa Band of Paiute Indians. Joining with Tribal leaders and First Solar representatives on reservation lands about 40 miles northeast of Las Vega, Secretary Jewell hailed the 60th […]

October 13th

Would Jesus Vote for Bernie Sanders?

Seeing #FeeltheBern all day on Facebook and Twitter may give you heart-bern. But it’s hard not to like Bernie Sanders. His populist message taps into the anger many Americans feel toward our pay-to-play political structure. His call for universal health care and free college tuition is simply a call for Americans to be healthier, smarter, and more competitive […]

February 17th

Obama Protects a Sacred Treasure for Future Generations

Today President Barack Obama will create his second national monument of the year: the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument in New Mexico.  The small and rugged peaks of the new national monument have served as home and hideaway for millennia. Evidence in caves near Pena Blanca and La Cueva shows human habitation and usage of the Organ Mountains stretched […]

May 20th

President Obama and Pope Francis Meet for the First Time

Yesterday marked a historic meeting between President Obama and Pope Francis when the two met for the first time at the Vatican. Though they are firmly split on certain issues, they did find unity on economic inequality and environmental concerns. The highly publicized event lasted for almost an hour and was overall a cordial affair. […]

March 28th