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Heading Into Paris: A Dozen Years in the Making

By: Allis Druffel As the international UN Climate Talks commence in Paris, there is great hope from multiple sectors for serious, long-term action. As a California Catholic involved in the faith/ecology nexus, it is fascinating to review the development of sustainability efforts in the last dozen years and how our state has become a leader […]

December 1st

Summary of Pope’s Environmental Encyclical

Pope Francis has released the first ever papal encyclical focused solely on the environment. The document titled, “Praised Be: On Care for Our Common Home” describes environmentalism as a moral duty for everyone — not just a religious duty for Catholics, or a matter of politics or economics. The much-anticipated, hotly debated, and hugely influential 184-page […]

June 19th

Vatican Announces New Climate Conference

Last week, the Vatican announced plans to host a major climate-change conference on April 28 entitled, “Protect the Earth, Dignify Humanity. The Moral Dimensions of Climate Change and Sustainable Development.” The conference is the latest announcement in Pope Francis’s faith-based campaign to raise awareness about climate change. According to the Vatican’s statement: “The goal of […]

April 20th

Love Thy Neighbor by Loving the Earth

The core of Catholic Social Teachings is consistent respect for life at every stage — a continuum of faith in God-given human dignity sometimes known as “the seamless garment.” Examples are the Church’s stand on abortion and its opposition to the death penalty and euthanasia. While respecting the obligations of citizens to their government, the […]

Pope Benedict XVI: The Original Green Pope

Pope Francis has gotten a lot of attention for his progressive policies. He took the name of St. Francis, the patron saint of ecology. He’s been active in weeding out materialism and combating waste. He’s also been photographed holding anti-fracking and anti-dirty mining shirts. There’s no question that the current pope is concerned with creation, […]

April 22nd

A Complete Faith Includes Care for the Earth

In nature, the believer recognizes the wonderful result of God’s creative activity, which we may use responsibly to satisfy our legitimate needs, material or otherwise, while respecting the intrinsic balance of creation. —Pope Benedict XVI, Caritas Veritate 48 This quote is actually part of Pope Benedict’s larger discussion on political and economic justice. To spread earth’s […]

February 24th

Quotes From Popes on the Environment

The papacy has long been a platform for environmentalism. Pope Francis’ recent denunciation of environmental degradation in an address to the Diplomatic Corps marks a welcome continuation of this trend. Looking back through the years, the message has stayed consistent. The earth was given to humans, Christian doctrine asserts, so it is our responsibility to […]

January 15th