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Happy Birthday to EdenKeeper!

Happy Birthday EdenKeeper! It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since EdenKeeper launched. As a new blogger, I remember feeling a bit over my head trying to grasp simple concepts like SEO and Google Analytics. But I was just as passionate as I am now to convey EdenKeeper’s message. This past year we’ve magnified the […]

November 25th

Senate Race: Christian, Anti-Environmental Candidates

It’s Election Day! Hopefully, everyone reading this will feel the same level of excitement we feel at EdenKeeper and get out to vote. Today, we have the chance to voice our opinions, change the direction of our country, and hopefully make tomorrow even better. But choosing who to vote for can sometimes be confusing and scary, […]

November 4th

Gov. Rick Scott Earns the 2014 Stone Age Award

This weekend, NextGen Climate, a non-partisan organization dedicated to bringing climate change to the forefront of American politics, announced the winner of their 2014 Stone Age Award for seriously prehistoric thinking on science and climate change. While there was some serious competition for the Award from the likes of Colorado’s Cory Gardner and Iowa’s Joni Ernst, […]

October 20th

Why Borders Don’t Help Us Protect the Environment

It’s hard to grasp the largeness of environmentalism. Does a man buying an engagement ring in New York think about the environmental effects of gold mines in Peru or diamond mines in Africa? Does a woman applying lip balm in Texas consider species lost to palm oil farms in Indonesia? To see real environmental change, we need […]

June 10th

Quotes From Right Wing, Crunchy Conservatives

Caring for the environment is a moral duty, not a political position. That’s why it’s so wonderful to see right wing, conservatives promoting environmentalism — in their own way. Check out the quotes below to see which of your favorite right wingers have taken a stand for Mother Nature. Rand Paul Rand Paul is the […]

March 17th

Playing Politics With Creation

E. Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance recently blessed us all with an article titled Greening the Churches: The Role of Left-Wing Foundations in the Rise of Religious Environmentalism.  In the article, Mr. Beisner attempts to provide evidence that religious groups have been overtaken by valueless, corrupt, liberals.  Such evidence includes faith organizations’ support of recycling […]

December 19th