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Moapa Paiute Indians Harness the Sun’s Energy in Nevada

Celebrating Native American self-resilience via energy harnessed from the sun, US Interior Secretary Sally Jewell recently green-lighted the third utility-scale solar project on Tribal lands of the Moapa Band of Paiute Indians. Joining with Tribal leaders and First Solar representatives on reservation lands about 40 miles northeast of Las Vega, Secretary Jewell hailed the 60th […]

October 13th

Apache Lands Threatened by Congress

Can you imagine the world outcry if mining operations were approved on Mount Sinai? What about the national backlash if Congress approved development on the site of Gettysburg or at the foot of Mount Rushmore? There are certain sites that are too sacred for industry and business to touch — they must remain hallowed ground […]

December 8th

Religious and Spiritual Leaders Make Climate Commitment

By Sarah Hoffman How will you commit to reversing climate change? On September 21, the muggy eve of fall, world religious leaders and members of New York’s spiritual community gathered beneath two giant, LED-lit, flying phoenixes to ask that very question, calling the world to action for “God’s House,” “Mother Earth” — our home, now […]

September 22nd

Exploring Crater Lake and Mt. Shasta’s Native Legends

About ten years ago, I took a touristy train ride through the Great Smokey Mountains in North Carolina. I expected to sit back, look at the beautiful scenery, and listen to a man with a folksy, southern twang tell me about the area’s early settlers and logging history. What I didn’t expect was a stop […]

August 20th

Tribe Protests Keystone by Planting Sacred Seeds

In 1877, the Ponca tribe was seen as a role model of what the United States government was trying to achieve with Native Americans. The tribe had signed four treaties with the United States government, given up much of its territory in Nebraska, settled into farming life, and built churches. And as payment, the tribe […]

June 25th