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Obama Fights Zombie Kids With New Initiative

You know what’s scary? Zombie kids — small, pale, motionless blobs with an eerie detachment from the world around them. No one wants to see vacant stares from children; it’s freaky and pretty depressing. But as more and more kids connect to their computers and iPhones, and disconnect from the world around them, the number of zombie kids […]

August 24th

Yosemite Dazzle: In Praise of Calibrated Curves

This past May, my initiating experience to Yosemite began on its beribboned mountain roads, in perched observation from the frame of a car’s window. With the unfolding visual, circumscribed neither by flies or noise, whole circuits of my brain melded away. My brain, grateful for the stream of stunning images flooding in, eventually let cognition […]

July 11th

Artists Give National Parks a Fresh, New Look

We’ve all seen the vintage, travel posters depicting U.S. national parks and monuments. They’re bits of nostalgia — a poster or a postcard you consider buying to remember your visit to the Grand Canyon or Yosemite. And while nothing can compare to the extraordinary natural beauty of these places, the simple flat shapes and colors of […]

June 11th

President Obama and Pope Francis Meet for the First Time

Yesterday marked a historic meeting between President Obama and Pope Francis when the two met for the first time at the Vatican. Though they are firmly split on certain issues, they did find unity on economic inequality and environmental concerns. The highly publicized event lasted for almost an hour and was overall a cordial affair. […]

March 28th

Five Reasons for an Environmentalist to Give Thanks

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have found five reasons for an environmentalist to give thanks today: #1:  National Parks Can you imagine our federal government today voting to set aside huge tracts of land for public use, and investing in the land’s wellbeing?  It’s a radical concept, but thanks to John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, and […]

November 28th