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Jordan Transitioning 6,000 Mosques to Solar Energy

With global oil and gas prices fluctuating wildly and fossil fuel sources both reaching peak and pariah status, the Kingdom of Jordan has turned to renewable energy alternatives. Already a leader in the Arab world for utility-scale solar power production, Jordan’s residential and commercial rooftop sectors are ready to explode in the wake of the […]

February 12th

Egypt’s Oldest Mosque Now Conserves More Water

As more and more Muslims become conscious of environmental conservation practices, water waste usually becomes a major area of concern. Muslims pray five times a day, and typically perform the ritual washing, or wudu’, prior to each prayer. Providing sacred cleansing, water is precious in Islam and reducing waste is a religious duty enjoined upon […]

January 5th

UAE Energy Conservation Grows at “Green Mosques”

A “green mosque” project underway in the United Arab Emirates has the potential to revolutionize energy conservation efforts all over the world. Although Dubai’s newly constructed premier eco-mosque is rightfully commanding huge media coverage, a modest-sized mosque in Madinat Zayed, UAE, is the first retrofit energy conservation project to appear on the horizon. The Sultan […]

November 20th

Saudi Arabia Continually Striving For A Green Hajj

Nearly three million Muslims make Hajj annually. As one of the five pillars of Islam, the Hajj to Saudi Arabia is a mandatory religious duty of every physically and financially capable Muslim. Although this represents a once-in-a-lifetime event for most pilgrims, for Saudi Arabia it represents a groaning overload of environmental impact. The pilgrimage to […]

September 30th

New Eco-Mosque in Dubai is First of Its Kind

There’s been a growing movement among Muslims to start putting the core environmental tenants of Islam into practice. Some Muslims are doing that by conserving water during Wudu — the spiritual practice of washing before prayer — and reducing waste during events like nightly Ramadan feasts. Ibrahim Abdul-Matin, a Muslim environmentalist and author, lays out […]

July 22nd

What Did Muhammad Say About Conservation?

EdenKeeper has previously explored the connection between Islam and the environment. Similar to Christians and Jews, Muslims believe that humans are stewards of God’s creation. But unlike Moses and Jesus, the Prophet Muhammad actively advocated environmental conservation. I was able to learn more about the Prophet Muhammad and his views when I visited the Islamic Salam […]

May 16th