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Find Solace Outside: Meditations Led by Rabbi Katy Allen

These are challenging times. The barrage of bad news may make you anxious. The growing threats to our planet, health, family, friends, neighbors and legal system are scary. It’s hard to trust our leaders and our sources of information. The world seems to be spinning and many of us want the ride to stop; or, at […]

February 1st

Set Lower Expectations for Your Towels and Carrots

As part of the Hotel Council of San Francisco’s first “Stay Green Forum,” I got to tour the back rooms, roofs, and basements of some of San Francisco’s largest hotels. It was wonderful to see the Clift Hotel’s bee colony and the Hotel Nikko’s micro turbines. But as the Hilton’s general manager took us down to their “water […]

February 26th

The Religious Roots of American Environmentalism

The following is reprinted with permission from Religion Dispatches. Follow RD on Facebook or Twitter for daily updates and be sure to check out RD’s cool, new science section, The Cubit, which examines the intersection between science, religion, technology, and ethics. By Lauren Sutton What do the Mad Max franchise, protests of the Keystone pipeline, and […]

June 16th

Buddhists Visit the White House and Make History

Last week, a melting pot of various Buddhist lineages and nationalties assembled in Washington, DC to visit the White House and discuss climate change. The event, called “Voices in the Square — Action in the World,” is widely being hailed as historic. This isn’t the first time that religious groups have come together to discuss social issues. And individual […]

May 21st

Alternavida: Puerto Rico Vacation for the Body & Soul

Like any ‘ism, environmentalism has its problems. It can be dogmatic, depressing, and exclusive. It is politically charged and controversial. And people often think that true environmentalism means sacrafice — giving up meat, soft clothes, hot showers. But for Yancy Wright, the founder and CEO of Alternavida, a Puerto Rico vacation retreat, environmentalism is about […]

February 26th

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Transforming the Environment

Mindfulness is a word that became popular last year. Its meaning is to be non-judgementally present in the moment. Everyone from Oprah to Kobe Bryant is mentioning this practice in the media. The principle of mindfulness is being applied to all areas of life, including dealing with challenging situations at work, healthcare, and even urgent […]

January 14th

Southern Alberta Renewal: Waterton Meditations

Our spiritual journey last summer through Southern Alberta, Canada, went though Writing-On-Stone and Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump, both in a semi-arid landscape of never-ending prairie.  Our third stop, Waterton Lakes National Park, was very different geographically. Rugged, windswept mountains rise abruptly from the prairie with a commanding view from the lakeside below. The view had the effect […]

January 9th