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Starting Forest Fires Declared a Sin in Indonesia

Hoping to end the annual blazes enveloping Southeast Asia in choking haze, Indonesia’s Islamic Ulema Council (MUI) issued a fatwa against intentionally starting forest fires. The religious edict issued by the MUI declares that it is against Islamic law, or “haram,” for Muslims to burn forests or plantation lands. Issued in mid-September, the six-point fatwa […]

October 3rd

Malaysian Fatwa Makes Pollution Illegal

The lush 130-million-year-old rainforests, miles of sea-coast, colorful insects, and exotic wildlife make Malaysia one of the richest natural resources in the world. But thick air pollution and dirty waste water are hurting these natural wonders and the people who live there. In response, the Perlis Fatwa Committee in the small Malaysian northeastern state decided that […]

March 2nd

Muslim Social Enterprise Launches Waqf Airlines

“Social enterprise” is a new term and concept gaining momentum in today’s modern world of commercial business. Running a for-profit business, today’s social enterprises specifically seek to earn their profit so that the earnings may be used for providing a social benefit to fulfill specific needs. However, social enterprise is in fact a concept that […]

January 20th

Malaysia’s 130-Million-Year-Old Rainforests

Malaysia’s lush natural environment is being celebrated in a beautiful new art photography book produced by Tun Jeanne Abdullah, wife of Tun Adullah Ahmad Badawi, former prime minister of Malaysia. Aiming to inspire the people of Malaysia to conserve their country’s national heritage, the 314-page coffeetable book showcases the 130 million-year-old rainforests of Malaysia. Launched […]

December 24th

Islamic Finance Is Growing Green and Rising

When the subprime finance bubble burst in 2007-08, traditional lending institutions suffered severe economic damage, and much of the global economy tanked as a result. Like a lone building left standing after a tsunami, the Islamic finance industry escaped undamaged. Unaffected by the economic downturn, Islamic finance is now being eyed by interested Western investors […]

December 4th

Islamic Sharia Investments Go Green

For Arabic-speaking people, sharia means a moral code and religious law of a prophetic religion. Islamic sharia deals with personal matters such as sexual intercourse, hygiene, diet, prayer, everyday etiquette, and fasting, as well as topics addressed by secular law including crime, politics, and economics. Today, many religious organizations exercise morality in investing, and Islam is no exception. Sharia-based […]

September 3rd