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Find Solace Outside: Meditations Led by Rabbi Katy Allen

These are challenging times. The barrage of bad news may make you anxious. The growing threats to our planet, health, family, friends, neighbors and legal system are scary. It’s hard to trust our leaders and our sources of information. The world seems to be spinning and many of us want the ride to stop; or, at […]

February 1st

Buddhists in Bhutan Offer a Lesson in Sustainability

Bhutan may be tiny, but it’s doing remarkably big things for the environment. Located in the Himalayas between India and China, the tiny Buddhist kingdom is generating loads of hydropower, protecting large swaths of forest, and safeguarding its species and its people. And now, the country is set to become a world leader in the use […]

September 14th

Indigenous Tribe Loses Out to Environmental Conservation

Generally, indigenous groups promote a way of life that is harmonious with conservation. There is a tie to nature and a respect that is not seen as strongly among other populations of settlers. Most of the time, indigenous groups favor government policies that strengthen land preservation. But things are a little different in the African state of Uganda. […]

September 23rd

Amazon Finds a Hero in Presidential Hopeful, Marina Silva

The rainforests of the Amazon are in danger. Countries throughout South America are prioritizing other resources (minerals, agricultural land, etc.) above the health of this critically important global ecosystem. But one heroine has risen in Brazil to defend the Amazon. Similar to Joan of Arc, the young, French peasant girl whose visions inspired her to defend […]

September 17th

Man of the Trees, Richard St. Barbe Baker

I wonder sometimes whether people 75-100 years ago were ever concerned about the effects of their actions on the climate. Perhaps they had too much on their mind with world wars and fears of “the bomb,” to care about the carbon pollution coming out of their cars and their daily energy usage. Or perhaps they just couldn’t […]

September 6th

Orthodox Church Protects Ethiopia’s Remaining Forests

Ethiopia is not a country known for lush landscapes and incredible biodiversity. But that may be because we haven’t been paying enough attention. Meg Lowman, the Chief of Science and Sustainability at the California Academy of Sciences, and affectionally known as “Canopy Meg,” recently wrote an article for Huffington Post that exposed a bright-green patch […]

May 1st

The Power of One: Jadav Payeng Creates a Forest

With all the stories about environmental loss and degradation, a glimmer of hope and inspiration grows in northern India. Jadav Payeng, a Mishing tribal man, has single-handedly created a 1,360-acre forest complete with tigers, rhinos, and elephants. His incredible story takes “the power of one” to a whole new level. It starts in 1979 when floods […]

April 1st