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Life After Death Gets Real: The Bios Urn

  Most of us have probably at least given some thought to the notion of life after death, and if you’ve ever participated in a religious tradition, you’ve also got a narrative for what that might look like. Nature, on the other hand, works on a more literal version of this concept: waste, whether in […]

February 26th

WWOOF-ing India Week 1: City Girl in a Farm World

** Editors Note: Over the next two months, EdenKeeper will feature the personal journal entries of Mahek Shringhey, a self-proclaimed “foodie” from Mumbai, India as she works on an organic farm in Goa and travels to vanilla plantations in southern India. Follow along on her mouth-watering journey as she explores the connection between the stomach, […]

October 3rd

Vandana Shiva and the Fight for Our World

The use of genetically modified food, or GMOs, is controversial. Some argue that genetically modified crops are good because they can contain vitamins and minerals that improve people’s health and allow higher quantities of food to be produced, so more people can eat. But others are worried about “playing God,” as well as the increased risks to the […]

August 27th

James Joyce Fans Celebrate Bloomsday

Every year on June 16th, admirers of James Joyce’s Ulysses celebrate Bloomsday, named after the book’s main character, Leopold Bloom. The day’s activities vary with its participants, and can include reading the book, reliving its events (mostly experienced through Bloom’s peregrinations throughout Dublin on that day in 1904), or any combination of the two. These […]

June 16th

Quinoa: A Sacred Grain

To the Inca it was the mother grain. To Americans it’s a superfood. Quinoa in the last decade has seen a worldwide resurgence popping up in whole food stores, on restaurant menus, and dinner tables across the world. But what does this resurgence mean to the Andean communities where this plant grows? How does the […]

January 8th