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Dalai Lama Says Climate Action Is Logical

Yesterday, the Dalai Lama released a video urging world leaders to take strong action at the UN climate talks starting on November 30 in Paris. The Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader is one of growing number of religious leaders, including Pope Francis and Patriarch Bartholomew, to call for immediate climate action. While acknowledging humanity’s great accomplishments in the fields […]

October 21st

Mosque Water Conservation Provides Food During Ramadan

Converting water savings into food, GROHE is continuing its “Green Mosque” water conservation CSR initiative this year during Ramadan. The initiative, part of GROHE’s global water conservation program ‘Watercare,’ is once again teaming up with the NGO Sharbatly Foundation, as it did in 2014. Last year, the “Green Mosque” water conservation program saved the mosque […]

July 6th

Fasting for the Climate – A Growing Movement

Photo available on @CIDSE Twitter page. Climate change isn’t a remote possibility — people are already feeling its impacts. In the United States, Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, and the great drought in California are the most obvious examples. But abroad, in less developed countries with less access resources, the effects of climate change are even more stark, […]

December 1st

Fasting’s Spiritual and Environmental Benefits

Our environment is more than trees, water, land, and air. It is a sense of peace, an understanding of our place in our society. It sustains our satisfaction in life and our interest in caring for the life around us. Recognizing the sustaining forces that make up our environment sometimes requires a time of deep […]

July 31st

Ramadan’s Struggles and Blessings

Ramadan, the month Muslims go without food and drink during daylight hours, is coming to a close Monday evening. I don’t know whether this will be a relief or a burden to practicing Muslims. As a non-Muslim who has spent long, warm, July days happily drinking lemonade and munching on all the juicy fruit the […]

July 25th

Divine Dates and a Beetle from Hell

An evil red beetle is threatening to destroy the most beloved fruit in Islam. The Arabic word for “date” is mentioned in the Holy Quran more than 20 times, more than any other fruit mentioned in Scripture. The Prophet Muhammad (God’s peace and blessings be upon him) especially loved the date palm and its fruit, […]

July 9th