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Camel Evolution to Climate Change

Hoping to reduce the negative effects of a warming environment on humans and animals, scientists are studying Arabian and Asian camels. The Arabian camel is the first mammal genome to be sequenced and analyzed in the Middle East, but the Quran has been asking humans to study the camel for over 1,400 years: Do they […]

November 24th

Why Religion Must Escape Its Harmful Image

It’s no secret that our modern world is witnessing a mass exodus from organized religion. In the United States, one-fifth of the public — and a third of adults under 30 — are religiously unaffiliated today, the highest percentages ever in Pew Research Center polling. And just 51% of the European Union’s 27 nations said […]

November 6th

Pope Francis Puts His Faith in Science

Creationism is (unfortunately/embarrassingly/scarily) taking off in the United States. A Gallup poll from June 2014 found that more than four in ten Americans continue to believe that God created humans in their present form 10,000 years ago. And an April 2014 AP-GfK poll saw a majority of Americans (51 percent) questioning the Big Bang. We […]

October 29th

Atheism and Theism’s Common Ground

At EdenKeeper we primarily focus on showing the connection between established religions and environmentalism. But a connection to nature and a sense of awe in its wonders is by no means limited to a belief in god(s) or an acceptance into a named religious order. All that it requires is a sense of humility — an […]

September 8th

Poll Shows Majority of Americans Doubt Scientific Facts

According to a recent AP-GfK poll, a majority of Americans (51 percent) still question the Big Bang. Americans are also still skeptical about the science underlying climate change, evolution, and the age of the Earth. These results are obviously disconcerting. Instead of reflecting actual doubt in the scientific community — for which there is virtually none […]

April 21st

Beauty in Creation

In the beginning… the earth was formless and void, and darkness was over the surface of the deep… Then God said, “Let there be light”; and there was light… God said, “Let there be an expanse in the midst of the waters”… [and] God called the dry land earth, and the gathering of the waters […]

February 10th

Creationism and Evolution… and Environmentalism

Earlier this week Bill Nye, the famous Science Guy, and Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis debated evolution and creationism at the Kentucky Creation Museum. During the debate each presented evidence for their claim that creationism is, or is not, a viable scientific theory. Yes, that means that Mr. Ham actually presented evidence that the world is […]

February 7th