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EPA Protects Drinking Water, Faith Groups Respond

Image available on Flickr When crude oil spilled into a seasonal stream in Texas in 2007, the EPA could do nothing; it couldn’t impose a fine or even require cleanup. A loophole in the Clean Water Act shielded the polluters from accountability and made it impossible for the EPA to protect drinking water and the health of the surrounding community. But that loophole […]

May 28th

An Earth Day for Liberals and Conservatives

In 1970, Democratic Senator Gaylord Nelson and Republican Congressman Pete McCloskey came together for the first Earth Day. It was a different time. There was bipartisan support for regulating dirty factories, toxic dumps, polluted water, and the loss of wilderness. President Richard Nixon established the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and enacted most of our environmental laws. President Ronald Reagan designated […]

April 22nd

Monarch Butterflies Show Spiritual Renewal In Nature

  A new season is here, and with that the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. Another mark of Spring is butterflies flying through with their colorful wings. One of the best known is the monarch butterfly. With their gold and black pattern, they are easy to spot and excellent to photograph. They […]

March 24th

Top Climate Action of 2014 Recap by Interfaith Power & Light

Organizing an interfaith religious response to climate change, Interfaith Power & Light encourages environmental activism thru faith-based advocacy and energy efficiency. Active on so many fronts, IPL is an exciting organization generating international and nationwide optimism for climate action leading to successful mitigation of global warming. Sponsoring and encouraging climate action has led IPL to […]

January 12th

Evangelicals Support Obama’s Clean Power Plan

As the comment period for President Barack Obama’s proposed Clean Power Plan came to a close on Monday, it received a surprise blessing. More than 100,000 pro-life Christians weighed in with well over 200,000 comments in support. The Clean Power Plan proposes to regulate carbon pollution by cleaning up power plants. Under the Plan, power plants […]

December 3rd