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Birds Find Paradise Under Sri Swamiji’s Wings

Appealing for more reverential treatment for birds, Sri Swamiji has founded a lush, serene paradise in Mysore, India, called Shuka Vana, or Parrot Park. The delightful tropical landscape flashes with rainbows of color as rare and exotic parrots, macaws, and cockatoos flit and chatter in this verdant haven. Dr. Sri Ganapathy Sachchidananda Swamiji is the […]

August 3rd

When 40 Tiger Cubs Are Found Frozen, Who’s to Blame?

Rows of frozen tiger cubs were displayed on a blue blanket at a Buddhist temple west of Bangkok, Thailand this week. It’s hard to read the emotion of the onlookers in the photo — a mix of wildlife authorities, police officials, and photographers — because surgical masks cover half their faces. But I can only imagine […]

June 2nd

Girl Scouts Meet With Pope Francis

Image of Girl Scout Catherine Riordan with Pope Francis courtesy of “L’Isservatore Romano” SCV On the day of the Epiphany in 1965, twenty-one Girl Guide associations established the International Catholic Conference of Guiding (ICCG). It was a time of radical change around the world — from the Vietnam War, to civil rights movements, to a growing […]

June 30th

Buddhist Grows Bamboo Garden on Former Military Land

In Buddhism, the nature of impermanence, not-self, interdependence, and inter-being are constant subjects of contemplation and meditation. Through the eyes of the Buddha, a Buddhist can “inter-be” with the world around them — with the sun, with the rain, and with plants and animals. As famed Buddhist ecologist, Thich Nhat Hanh, describes it, “we are […]

May 7th

Prime Minister Modi Needs to Treat Nature as God

In Berlin this week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that “Indians treat nature as God . . . we should ask the world about climate change. We believe exploitation of nature is a crime.” While I agree with Modi that India’s many ancient traditions recognize the importance of nature, I find this statement more than a […]

April 16th

Spiritual Explorer: Sri Lanka’s Cash Culture

Editors Note: This article is part of a series. Follow along as Jacob explores widely different cultures and places and delves into the spirituality, history, and people that make these places unique. A thick cloud of red dust swirls under the tires of a jeep equipped to quite possibly drive straight through the thick underbrush […]

February 20th

Afghanistan’s Environmental Education in the Light of Islam

Highlighting and explaining passages about environmental conservation from the Holy Qur’an, a helpful new handbook has been adopted by the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan. Working with Afghanistan’s National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) and the Ministry of Hajj and Religious Affairs, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) produced an environmental education handbook entitled, “Environmental Education in the […]

January 8th