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Drought in California Gets Interfaith Help

As summer arrives here in California, it’s hard to get excited about the long, hot days. Our wild fire season started early this year, with clouds of smoky air darkening the skies all over the state. The extended drought, linked to climate change, makes it hard for farmers to make a living, and Californians used to spending the […]

July 2nd

This Storm Video Will Blow You Away

Today, the worst storm in five years in hitting California. Fifty thousand residents of are without power, schools in San Francisco are cancelled, and as much as 8 inches of rain could fall on coastal mountains over a 24-hour period. While mudslides, flooding, and power outages are no fun, most Californians agree that the rain […]

December 11th

Pacific Crest Trail Week 8: The End?

My knowledge of wilderness first aid is limited. Small batches of elderly ladies from the Red Cross have taught me the basics again and again. There are two things I have found useful to remember. First is the ever-useful R.I.C.E.  (rest, ice, compression, elevation). The second, which only applies if R.I.C.E. doesn’t work and C.P.R. […]

September 19th

Pacific Crest Trail Week 7: Appreciation

One of the most amazing things about backpacking is the appreciation one gets for the simple creature comforts in life. There are many things about modern civilization that I don’t ever miss. But hot showers, fresh food, clean clothing, and running water never get old. When one has these things taken away, they become even […]

September 12th

California Catholics Aren’t Just Praying for Rain

California water supplies have dropped to historic lows. The first Sierra Nevada snow survey of the year found the water content in the statewide snowpack to be just 20 percent of average for this time of year. And this is the third straight year with lower than normal rainfall. Droughts don’t just leave us thirsty. Farms wither, […]

January 14th