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West Oakland Takes on King Coal

The historic neighborhood of West Oakland, California is one of the San Francisco Bay Area’s last bastions of true grit. Local residents have battled unemployment, poverty, and crime. It was here almost 50 years ago that Huey Newton and Bobby Seale drafted the Black Panther Ten Point Program to declare the rights of the African-American community. Now local congregations […]

November 5th

US Congregations Take Action on Climate Change

Walls made out of straw? A solar victory over coal? These aren’t lofty environmental dreams or fantasies of the Big Bad Wolf. These are just some of the ways Interfaith Power & Light’s (IPL) Cool Congregations Challenge winners take action to respond to the threat of climate change. “It’s very inspiring to see so many congregations stepping up […]

April 29th

Prime Minister Modi Needs to Treat Nature as God

In Berlin this week, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that “Indians treat nature as God . . . we should ask the world about climate change. We believe exploitation of nature is a crime.” While I agree with Modi that India’s many ancient traditions recognize the importance of nature, I find this statement more than a […]

April 16th

Is Coal Really the Answer to Energy Inequality?

It’s not hard to see inequalities in the energy world and one of the most glaring is unequal access to power. Conservative groups, like the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation have accused climate activists of waging a war against poor and vulnerable communities by denying them access to power in the form of coal. […]

October 16th

West Virginia Church Makes Solar History

Last week in West Virginia, Shepherdstown Presbyterian Church members, project organizers, and local leaders held a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new solar installation at the church. While the church’s installation is by no means the first of its kind, the residents and businesses who made it possible have also made history. They launched a new […]

September 5th

Should God Protect the Coal Industry?

During its reign King Coal has polluted our air, contaminated our water, and sickened our families. But its reign is coming to an end. In response to climate reports and the EPA’s proposed carbon pollution regulations, the energy economy is poised for a dramatic shift away from fossil fuels toward renewables. It’s a shift that is supported […]

August 19th