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Why Do Christian Politicians Help Big Oil and Hurt Us?

Last Friday, the Kansas House of Representatives voted 63-60 to defeat a bill that would have weakened the state’s renewable energy standard. It wasn’t the first time legislation to roll back the state’s environmental laws was defeated by the house. In fact, according to Kansas Interfaith Power & Light, an interfaith religious organization dedicated to […]

May 7th

Hey! Environmentalism Is a Christian Value Too!

Last weekend Christian conservatives and fundamentalist republicans gathered at the Value Voters Conference in DC.  The agenda was… interesting.  Sessions included:  Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition! and The War on Football:  Saving America’s Game.  It’s hard to see how Christianity, guns, and football are related, but maybe I’d be more enlightened if I’d […]

October 19th

Welcome to EdenKeeper!

Welcome to EdenKeeper, the newest addition to the Important Media Network! EdenKeeper is here to explore the relationship between faith and environmentalism. We’ll discuss how environmentalism is not just a political issue, but a moral value supported by religious texts. We’ll also take a hard look at the many ways religion in practice both helps […]

October 18th