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Move Over Tree Houses, Here Come Tree Churches

Photo Credit: Tree Church Unlike most 10-year-old boys who dream of being firefighters, astronauts, or Spiderman, New Zealander Barry Cox wanted to be pope. Little did he know that he would grow up to be an inspiration in a different way. With the Earth as his landscape and its gifts as his tools, Cox created […]

July 14th

Tree Cathedral in Italy Celebrates Nature

From the Sagra Familia in Barcelona, to the Buddhist cave temples, architects and artists around the world have used nature to inspire beautiful places of worship. But Italian artist Giuliano Mauri has taken the connection between nature and spirituality a step further. In his Cattedrale Vegetale (or Tree Cathedral), the church is not just a […]

December 8th

Calif. Church Boasts Huge Rainwater Collection System

California is currently experiencing one of the worst droughts in recorded history.┬áSignificantly below-average winter precipitation, combined with record heat, is causing one-third of the state to experience “exceptional” drought, the worst level. While some churches have encouraged their members to pray for rain, others are taking a more proactive approach to water conservation. The Episcopal […]

June 20th