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Islamic Farming Manual Launched in Kenya, Africa

Specifically designed for Muslim farmers in Africa, a manual of conservation agriculture practices provides a useful tool for introducing millions of Muslim farmers to sustainable farming practices. Islamic Farming: A Manual for Conservation Agriculture is an innovative faith-based curriculum integrating Islam’s sacred scriptures with science-based conservation concepts. The vision behind this practical approach supplements practical […]

January 15th

China Issues First Buddhist Edict Protecting Wildlife

Calling upon all Buddhists around the country, the China Buddhist Association has issued a landmark declaration for Buddhists to “obey rules and laws on wildlife protection, to refrain from participating in any killing or trade of wildlife.” Furthermore, the edict requests Chinese Buddhists to “refuse to buy and use wildlife products such as ivory and […]

January 13th

Islamic Fatwa Aids Indonesia’s Endangered Species

The islands of Indonesia are carpeted with densely forested jungles offering shelter to a rich array of God’s creatures. However, more and more forests are being cleared to make room for palm oil tree plantations. Legal and illegal logging and mining in Indonesia are also encroaching on wildlife habitats, placing additional stress on the endangered […]

January 1st