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A Jihad Against Pollution in Senegal

In the small, west-African country of Senegal, a Muslim leader has called for a jihad, but not one of violence inspired by anger or fear. It is a jihad inspired by a love for his community, the natural beauty of his country, and people all over the world, as well as an increasing anxiety about the direction it’s […]

August 10th

IRENA 5-Year 100% Clean Power Plan For “The Land of God”

A new International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) report provides a 5-year plan for using Djibouti’s abundant renewable energy sources to solve the nation’s serious concerns regarding rising energy demand, limited energy security, and rampant unemployment. Astonishingly, IRENA claims that by 2020, 100% of Djibouti’s energy demand can be met through renewables. The economic renaissance that […]

May 25th

Islamic Farming Manual Launched in Kenya, Africa

Specifically designed for Muslim farmers in Africa, a manual of conservation agriculture practices provides a useful tool for introducing millions of Muslim farmers to sustainable farming practices. Islamic Farming: A Manual for Conservation Agriculture is an innovative faith-based curriculum integrating Islam’s sacred scriptures with science-based conservation concepts. The vision behind this practical approach supplements practical […]

January 15th

Camel Evolution to Climate Change

Hoping to reduce the negative effects of a warming environment on humans and animals, scientists are studying Arabian and Asian camels. The Arabian camel is the first mammal genome to be sequenced and analyzed in the Middle East, but the Quran has been asking humans to study the camel for over 1,400 years: Do they […]

November 24th

How Religious Inequality Can Harm Health and Environment

Religious inequality has been inflicted upon African Indigenous Religion (AIR) faith members in Kenya’s Sacred Kaya Forests. These communities still suffer today as a result of the early Christian missionaries’ doctrine of religious exclusivity. Because of religious discrimination, non-Christian members were appallingly ostracized and economically penalized. Also as a direct result, the sacred forest groves […]

October 16th

Indigenous Tribe Loses Out to Environmental Conservation

Generally, indigenous groups promote a way of life that is harmonious with conservation. There is a tie to nature and a respect that is not seen as strongly among other populations of settlers. Most of the time, indigenous groups favor government policies that strengthen land preservation. But things are a little different in the African state of Uganda. […]

September 23rd