Getting to Know Eco-Spirituality

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When I tell people about EdenKeeper they are often surprised that someone is trying to make a spiritual connection to the environment. “Christians aren’t really environmental,” they say, or “Do you mean like worshipping Mother Earth?” If I use the word “religion” instead of “spiritual” when explaining Eden Keeper, that opens the door to a […] read more

What Would Jesus Drive?

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By Matthew Tomasino If Jesus were to appear today he would surely have to find some way to get around.  I can’t imagine he’d want to limit healing the afflicted and performing miracles to a 10-mile radius.  So the question is, “What would Jesus drive?” He’d Ride Responsibly Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning when God created […] read more

Politicians Using the Bible to Deny Climate Change

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Environmentalism is clearly a Christian value.  Although the Bible says that we have “dominion” over the Earth, the Bible also says that Earth is ultimately God’s.  Our rule is not absolute.  We are merely stewards tasked with the responsibility of caring for God’s creation. This is a pretty clear concept.  That’s why I get so […] read more

Five Reasons for an Environmentalist to Give Thanks

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In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have found five reasons for an environmentalist to give thanks today: #1:  National Parks Can you imagine our federal government today voting to set aside huge tracts of land for public use, and investing in the land’s wellbeing?  It’s a radical concept, but thanks to John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, and […] read more