Cairo Climate Talks Inspire Rare Interfaith Dialogue

Published on July 6th, 2016 | by

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“Pollution and global warming pose an even greater threat than war,” stated Egypt’s German Ambassador H.E. Julius Georg Luy, as he opened the 41st round of Cairo Climate Talks on June 27, 2016. “And,” he added, “the fight to preserve the environment could be the most positive way of bringing humanity together.” Expressing a heartfelt […]

Pope’s Global Call for Solar Catholic Schools is Laudato Si’ in Action

Published on June 27th, 2016 | by

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Demonstrating the Catholic Church’s commitment to the environment, as embodied in Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’, top Vatican officials responded enthusiastically to dozens of catholic schools in Queensland, Australia going solar. All 31 schools in the Townsville Diocese have recently switched to solar power, resulting in annual electricity savings of $250,000. The resounding success of Australia’s […]

When 40 Tiger Cubs Are Found Frozen, Who’s to Blame?

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Rows of frozen tiger cubs were displayed on a blue blanket at a Buddhist temple west of Bangkok, Thailand this week. It’s hard to read the emotion of the onlookers in the photo — a mix of wildlife authorities, police officials, and photographers — because surgical masks cover half their faces. But I can only imagine […]

Buddhist Holiday in Sri Lanka Honors Buddha With Trees

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According to Buddhist tradition, just before Buddha died he saw his faithful attendant Ananda weeping. Buddha advised him not to weep over the natural disintegration of his physical body, but follow his teachings and pass them on because only truth is eternal. Buddhists remember this advice on Vesak, their lord’s birthday, by refocusing on his teachings […]

Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker @ Religion & Ecology Summit

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I’m blogging live from the Religion and Ecology Summit today. The prolific, Dr. Mary Evelyn Tucker, a Senior Lecturer and Research Scholar at Yale University and director of the Forum on Religion and Ecology at Yale, just finished giving her keynote address. Here are some quotes that stood out to me: “We have the find the words […]

Jews, Judaism, and Genetically Modified Crops

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About a year ago, EdenKeeper published an article discussing the Jewish perspective on genetically modified organisms (GMOs). We acknowledged the benefits and risks and concluded by asking a simple question: do GMOs help Jews create a more perfect world? Roger Price, an attorney and founder of the wonderful site, Judaism and Science, took a slightly different look. […]

Malaysian Fatwa Makes Pollution Illegal

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The lush 130-million-year-old rainforests, miles of sea-coast, colorful insects, and exotic wildlife make Malaysia one of the richest natural resources in the world. But thick air pollution and dirty waste water are hurting these natural wonders and the people who live there. In response, the Perlis Fatwa Committee in the small Malaysian northeastern state decided that […]

Pro-Life Christians Ask Texas to Support Clean Energy

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One of the ironies with the Republican’s failure to recognize the seriousness of climate change and environmental pollution is it contradicts their pro-life platform. Exposure to chemicals like mercury, lead, and other carcinogens in the womb harms the unborn and dirty air and water obviously has serious consequences to children. But many pro-life Christians are […]