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Green Companies Changing the Economy

A socially responsible mission statement makes for good business, and investment firms know it. When they provide fiscally sound opportunities as a result of the growing demand for portfolios that reflect a client’s values, portfolio managers open up pathways for effective investments that meet socially conscious investors’ needs. “I’m looking for that sweet spot,” Howard […]

March 27th

SunPower Makes It Easy to Go Solar

We’ve seen a recent push among various houses of worship to go solar. But the benefits of solar shouldn’t be limited to churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples. People of faith should take the values of stewardship and interconnectedness home with them — they should generate their own emission-free solar power, reduce their reliance on fossil fuels, […]

November 30th

Dassault Systèms Is Working to Send Us Into Space

Here at EdenKeeper we encourage getting out and exploring the environment because it fosters a greater connection between the spirit and the Earth. From dark caves to high cliffs, nature is full of wonderful places to enjoy and love. And soon traveling beyond the planet to experience the wonders of space may become a greater possibility. […]

May 29th