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Ma’yan Tikvah: A Congregation Without Walls

In December the Boston Globe ran an article on a small, Jewish congregation in Wayland, Massachusetts known as Ma’yan Tikvah – A Wellspring of Hope. The article focused on the congregation’s unconventional practice of worshipping almost entirely outside in nature. (And, yes, that means it worships outside – even now – in the cold of […]

January 16th

Quotes From Popes on the Environment

The papacy has long been a platform for environmentalism. Pope Francis’ recent denunciation of environmental degradation in an address to the Diplomatic Corps marks a welcome continuation of this trend. Looking back through the years, the message has stayed consistent. The earth was given to humans, Christian doctrine asserts, so it is our responsibility to […]

January 15th

Pope Denounces Greedy Exploitation of the Environment

This morning, Pope Francis addressed the Diplomatic Corps in his state-of-the-world speech in the Apostolic Palace’s Sala Regia. He highlighted many of the issues he’s passionately spent the last year bringing to our attention – poverty, the Syria conflict, and care for the vulnerable. Of particular interest to Eden Keeper, the Pope also highlighted his environmental […]

January 13th

Loss and Transformation: Earth Grieving

By Rabbi Katy Z. Allen I teach a class called Loss & Transformation: Connecting Sacred Texts to Family Stories to Help Deal with Loss, in which I set forth a theology of how our losses can lead us to be transformed, and how the joining of the stories of our familial ancestors with texts of Jewish […]

January 13th

Deepak Chopra Guides Us Towards Nature

By Gina Merlino Normally, I’m not moved by religious leaders, but there is one celebrated, spiritual guru who inspires me. Deepak Chopra offers wisdom to enrich our lives. Having authored more than 60 books and numerous articles on the Huffington Post, he doles out advice on honoring the mind, body, and soul through holistic methods. His words resonate with me […]

January 9th

Making the Commitment

By Kathy Teel Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established. –Proverbs 16:3 Another snow day, and every congregation in town has cancelled services. Part of me winces at this, because it’s CHURCH, and GOD, and we have an OBLIGATION. What, do we just get to stay home when the weather’s […]

January 7th

Buddhism and Nature

When speaking about a monk who had chosen to practice in the forest, Buddha said: And when he lives in a remote abode his mind is not distracted by unsuitable visible objects, and so on.  He is free from anxiety; he abandons attachments to life; he enjoys the taste of the bliss of seclusion  . […]

January 6th

Using Buddhism to Connect With Our Food

By Gina Merlino Food and the environment are closely related. Pigs, cows, and chickens are put in crowded, unsanitary conditions and pumped with hormones and antibiotics. Companies work to change the genetic makeup of our crops, to make them big, strong, and arguably worse. It is a depressing contradiction that the richest country in the world […]

January 2nd