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Holding Ourselves Into a New Future, by Rabbi Katy Z. Allen

Generously provided by Rabbi Katy Z. Allen, founder and leader of Ma’yan Tikvah – A Wellspring of Hope in Wayland, MA. The following is Rabbi Katy’s introduction to the fascinating role and timely concept of the “Nature Chaplain.” Holding Ourselves Into a New Future   by Rabbi Katy Z. Allen   rabbikza@verizon.net   © Rabbi […]

January 28th

Finding Jewish Tikkun at Home

Together with my girlfriend, I’ve been living for a little while now in the house in which I grew up. We’ve been cleaning it up, sorting through its contents, and trying to make it into an enjoyable habitat all at the same time. In the almost 200 years of its existence, the house has accumulated […]

January 13th

Hanukkah Is a Celebration of Conservation

This post is part of Important Media’s More Love, Less Stuff holiday event. We’re sharing ideas to redefine holiday traditions to be less about stuff and more about gratitude, compassion, and love. The Jewish holiday of Hanukkah began last Tuesday and goes until December 24. It’s a time of spinning dreidels, latkes topped with sour […]

December 19th

Creation & Stewardship in the Hebrew & Christian Bible With Images

With the weekend comes the opportunity to unwind and enjoy the simpler things in life. Let the stress of busy weekdays ebb out with Friday’s tide. In what is shaping up into a nice Saturday series, the following Scriptural verses and accompanying images are offered for peaceful contemplation on Creation. Each weekend, God willing, I […]

December 6th

Jewish Leaders Speak Up for Climate Action

“The world is on fire and God is calling upon us to act.” So says the initial statement issued last week by Shomrei Breishit, an international, multi-denominational network of rabbis and cantors providing a Jewish religious voice on climate change. In the Jewish tradition, rabbis and cantors wake people of faith from inaction and ignite […]

November 20th

Answering Our Prayers Before We Speak Them

By Rabbi Katy Z. Allen, originally posted on Ma’yan Tikvah’s Divrei Earth Connections. Everything is about connections. Connections across space. Connections across time. Connections in thought and spirit. Connections between. Connections among. Just connections, nothing else. That’s what prayer is about. That is what faith is about. That is what life is about. In this week’s parashah, […]

November 17th