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Why Faith Communities Want Methane Regulation

People often think that environmentalists are more interested in protecting the polar bear than people — that environmentalists think the world would be a better place without humans. But faith communities are stepping up to the plate and demonstrating that that assumption couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, faith communities care about the […]

November 19th

Australia Faith Leaders Send Open Letter for G20 Climate Action

As in many countries of the world, political forces in Australia are aligning on opposite sides of the climate change issue. G20 leaders outside of Australia, international non-governmental organizations, and Australian civil society organizations have been placing pressure on the Australian Government to give climate a place of prominence on the G20 agenda. Religious leaders […]

November 15th

Climate Action Unites California’s Faith Communities

The deal between the United States and China to cut carbon emissions by 2025 and 2030 wasn’t the only good news about climate change this week. Wednesday night, as some badly needed rain began to fall on San Francisco, people of faith gathered to celebrate the work they’re doing for the climate right now. The 8th […]

November 14th

Philippines Interfaith Dialogue on the “Earth in Peril”

In the Philippines, it is a safe guess to say, there are no climate deniers. One of the hallmarks of global warming is catastrophic weather events, and the Philippine Islands have been facing more than enough weather-related destruction in recent years. Accompanying an onslaught of catastrophic typhoons, interfaith dialogues are convening regularly, focusing on the […]

November 13th

Sikhs Join Interfaith Summit on Climate Change

Climate change is increasingly gaining attention as a unifying concern of faith communities. As the ethical and spiritual obligation to care for our Earth becomes more obvious, moral leaders are calling for climate justice. One such moral leader, Dr. Rajwant Singh, president and founder of EcoSikh, recently gave the keynote speech at the 2nd annual […]

November 10th

Refugees Receive Aid from Christian Nun and Muslim Imam

Catastrophic weather events due to climate change are increasing every year. As a result, large populations are increasingly being displaced. Environmental disasters are challenging relief aid workers to find solutions for meeting the needs of large numbers of refugees. Many useful answers may be found in camps for refugees fleeing the ravages of war. We can […]

November 6th