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Faith Ecology Network – Stars of Religious Enlightenment

In another contribution to EdenKeeper’s series on “What is Religious Enlightenment?” we want to introduce the Faith Ecology Network, based in Australia. An exciting example of enlightened members of diverse faiths joining together in common purpose, the FEN offers interfaith environmental enthusiasm and inspiration that is widely appreciated by all of us. Encouraging people of […]

December 27th

Pope Francis Prays in Turkey’s Blue Mosque

Making his sixth Apostolic journey abroad, Pope Francis visited Turkey in an outreach of interfaith generosity. Going at the invitation of both the Turkish government and the Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomaios I, Pope Francis also spent time with leading Muslim, Catholic, and Protestant officials. With a three-day visit filled with speeches and meetings, the pope also […]

December 16th

#LightforLima Brings Hope to UN Climate Talks

This Sunday faith communities around the world will stand together to illuminate the darkness that has clouded climate negotiations at previous United Nations conferences. As world leaders and negotiators work in Lima to draft a climate agreement, multi-faith groups will add their prayers and their support in a huge #LightforLima vigil. “We want world leaders and […]

December 4th

Harvard Divinity School Hosts Spiritual Sustainability Conference

Always on the cutting edge of knowledge and innovation, Harvard is among the foremost universities in the world. Harvard’s top-notch schools, programs, initiatives, and conferences are constantly adopting and showcasing new ideas and plans. Harvard Divinity School (HDS) recently hosted a particularly enlightening conference focusing on climate change, protecting the environment, and the role of […]

December 2nd

Thailand Hosts Energy & Climate Interfaith Conference

With the start of the Industrial Revolution, the world exited an era of climate stability. Fueled by unchecked burning of oil, gas, and coal, this revolution is scorching our planet. The insatiable human appetite for energy has reached a tipping point where life is critically impacted, jeopardizing the very connections between Earth and all of […]

December 2nd

Fasting for the Climate – A Growing Movement

Photo available on @CIDSE Twitter page. Climate change isn’t a remote possibility — people are already feeling its impacts. In the United States, Hurricane Katrina, Superstorm Sandy, and the great drought in California are the most obvious examples. But abroad, in less developed countries with less access resources, the effects of climate change are even more stark, […]

December 1st

Happy Environment-Themed Interfaith Thanksgiving!

In an inspiring display of interfaith environmental activism, Thanksgiving is proving to be a perfect opportunity to share more than just a dinner and a prayer. Serving as a perfect witness to this, the annual Interfaith Community Thanksgiving Service was held last Sunday in Summit, New Jersey. Held at Congregation Ohr Shalom, the Summit Interfaith […]

November 27th

Fair Trade Coffee From Uganda Interfaith Co-op

Fair trade businesses, offering everything from agriculture to jewelry, offer many fine examples of great ideas bringing great people together. Organizing worker cooperatives through a fair trade business model is both refreshingly ethical and economically smart. Fair trade company owners use their business savvy to pay workers based more closely to the actual retail value […]

November 25th