Indigenous Religions

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Native American Sweat Lodges Connect With Mother Earth

Holistic activities promoting good health and peace of mind are becoming more popular as people seek to relieve stress and reconnect with the natural world. As with yoga and meditation, the ages-old Native American practice of using a sweat lodge can be a useful therapy for mind, body, and soul, too. Conducted properly and safely, the […]

November 11th

Native American Traditions Affirm Kinship With Nature

While Native American traditions reflect each tribe’s specific geographical roots, and unique spiritual vision, certain themes are widespread among them. Kinship with the environment is a sacred and unifying force, binding humankind in the Native American view. “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do […]

November 3rd

Canada Pipeline Expansion Meets Resistance From Tribes

A proposed expansion to the Trans Mountain pipeline has been met with resistance from many citizens of Canada. Indigenous tribes are especially opposed, not only because it will affect their lands, but also because they feel a strong spiritual responsibility to protect the environment. The proposed new routes will run through nine aboriginal reserves, with […]

October 28th

Celtic Spirituality Honors Nature in a Timeless Way

Ireland is an enchanting place full of amazing sights. The emerald green landscape, the historic and picturesque castles, and the majestic waters surrounding this gorgeous island nation offer a very compelling invitation to spiritual-minded travelers. The spirituality of Ireland is deeply rooted in the timeless embrace of nature. It is part of the rhythm and […]

October 22nd

How Religious Inequality Can Harm Health and Environment

Religious inequality has been inflicted upon African Indigenous Religion (AIR) faith members in Kenya’s Sacred Kaya Forests. These communities still suffer today as a result of the early Christian missionaries’ doctrine of religious exclusivity. Because of religious discrimination, non-Christian members were appallingly ostracized and economically penalized. Also as a direct result, the sacred forest groves […]

October 16th