Indigenous Religions

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Keystone XL Pipeline Opposition: Beaver Lake Cree Nation

Canada’s First Nations indigenous tribespeople are taking the lead in the opposition of the Keystone XL Pipeline. One group, the Beaver Lake Cree Nation believes that the Keystone XL pipeline threatens the land, ecosystems, cultural heritage, and health of all humans.  What makes the Beaver Lake Cree Nation remarkable is their small size, compared to […]

February 5th

Protecting Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

President Obama, in a recent action, called for preserving 12 million acres of wildlife refuge in Alaska, including 1.5 million acres of coastal plain. This action will protect the land, known as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, from being drilled for oil and gas, although drilling will still be allowed offshore, in the Atlantic. The […]

February 4th

Sacred Herbs Offer Holistic Healing

Successful solutions that have been used throughout human history often make a comeback for solving modern problems. In recent years, holistic forms of medicine have entered the mainstream of modern life. One such holistic method making a comeback is herbal medicines. With roots in ecology and spirituality, herbal therapies have historically been used for both […]

January 28th

Native Ways and Wetlands Disappearing into the Sea

“The seas are rising and so are we,” chanted the tribal members of the United Houma Nation. The chant followed at the end of a traditional tribal “unity clap,” as their meeting with environmental advocates came to a close. The meeting was over, but the day had just begun. Rising over the southern coastal bayous […]

January 26th

Keystone XL Pipeline Opposition: Rosebud Sioux

While part of  TransCanada’s Keystone XL Pipeline project has lately been given the green light by the US Congress, this means nothing to the many groups that oppose the project. Congress has just passed legislation granting permission to build the 1,200-mile Keystone XL pipeline. Running from Canadian oil fields down to Steele City, Nebraska, petroleum […]

January 22nd

Aleta Baun Protects Her Timor Indonesian Homeland

Global activities related to climate change are often portrayed in the media as the diplomatic pursuits of international politicians at high-level UN meetings, wrangling with big business, and blowing expensive budgets. But some of the best environmental activism happens in places often overlooked by the media. Environmental heroes exist everywhere, and they can be found […]

December 9th

Apache Lands Threatened by Congress

Can you imagine the world outcry if mining operations were approved on Mount Sinai? What about the national backlash if Congress approved development on the site of Gettysburg or at the foot of Mount Rushmore? There are certain sites that are too sacred for industry and business to touch — they must remain hallowed ground […]

December 8th