Indigenous Religions

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Protecting Cedar Mesa’s Wild Beauty and Sacred Sites

In the southeastern corner of Utah sits the quiet plateau of Cedar Mesa. During the day, clouds cast shadows over the sandy stretches of juniper, sage, and piñon. At night, stars spill across the sky. Two matching buttes, known as Bears Ears, rise in the distance beckoning rock climbers. The colors of the land, the stirrings […]

August 11th

California Water Protected by Chopping Trees

In the Madera County foothills, not too far from Yosemite National Park and Mammoth Lakes, Native American tribes and the United States Forest Service are coming together to do something good for California water and the drought the state is facing. They are coming together to chop down trees. “These are water suckers. They take […]

August 6th

Call to Action: Protect Sacred Apache Land

Last December, we reported on the battle for Oak Flat — a place on the Arizona landscape where the riches beneath the ground have put the cultural richness of the Apache people at risk. Despite a federal land order making Oak Flat off-limits for mining operations, Congress promised to give the sacred Indian site to a foreign mining company […]

July 2nd

Suriname Tribes Adopt Amazon Rainforest Stewardship

Taking action to conserve nearly half of Suriname, native tribes have joined in the efforts to protect the Amazon Biome. Declaring an indigenous conservation corridor spanning 72,000 square kilometers (27,799 square miles) of southern Suriname, the Trio and Wayana Communities of Suriname presented a declaration of cooperation to the National Assembly of Suriname. Captain Shedde […]

June 15th

A Lantern Zoo in Indonesia Cuts Out the Darkness

With a population of about 700 people, the village of Sone in West Timor, Indonesia is famous throughout the region for its production of beautiful, traditional fabrics. Located close to a mountain summit, Sone is completely off the electricity grid. With the hope of learning about the challenges of living in areas that have no […]

June 1st

IRENA 5-Year 100% Clean Power Plan For “The Land of God”

A new International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) report provides a 5-year plan for using Djibouti’s abundant renewable energy sources to solve the nation’s serious concerns regarding rising energy demand, limited energy security, and rampant unemployment. Astonishingly, IRENA claims that by 2020, 100% of Djibouti’s energy demand can be met through renewables. The economic renaissance that […]

May 25th

Pennsylvania Pipeline Threatens Native American Village

As national Republican Party leaders celebrated their sweet take over of Congress at Hershey Lodge in Pennsylvania last month, about 50 or so protestors turned up to sour their festivities. They protested the Republican stance in favor of the Keystone XL Pipeline and their head-in-the-sand climate policies. But one protestor was there to draw attention to an issue […]

February 18th