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SunEdison Installs Solar on Ramakrishna Mission in India

As part of its Social Innovations mission to bring energy independence to 20 million people by 2020, SunEdison is installing a 100 kilowatt (kW) solar rooftop system on the Ramakrishna Mission Students’ Home in India. Enabling the approximately 700 students to gain energy independence, the new solar installation will help raise revenue for the Mission […]

April 14th

Yoga Helps Si2 Pilots Flying Solar Plane #RTW

(Originally published on Planetsave.com) While flying around the world in a solar plane, Si2 Pilot Andre Borschberg relates, “Though the cockpit is not big enough, I still do yoga and meditation to keep fit, aware and awake.” Then, taking off once again in the Solar Impulse 2 (Si2), Andre Borschberg piloted the innovative solar plane […]

April 2nd

Hinduism Verses of God, Creation, and Mother Nature

In EdenKeeper’s Saturday exploration of sacred scriptures related to the environment, nature, the Creator, and creation, this week we turn to Hinduism for beautiful inspiration and appreciation. Certainly it is an oversimplification to skim wikipedia for a brief concept of Hinduism, but in my attempt to gain familiarity, I hope my meager effort will be […]

January 10th

Thailand Elephants Show Celebrates Traditions

Since ancient times, the Surin Province of Thailand has been known for elephants. This past week marked the annual elephants roundup in Surin, a lively celebration of the faith, history, and culture of both the area and its elephants. Hundreds of elephants and their “mahouts,” or caregivers, converge on Surin to relive and maintain the […]

November 22nd

Celebrate Diwali the Better Way

Come autumn, people across all age groups in India gear up excitedly for the biggest celebration of the year. Diwali is to Indians what Christmas is to the western world. Almost an entire week in the month of October or November, depending on the lunisolar calendar is rightfully deemed a national holiday and the festive […]

October 27th

India’s Sacred Rivers: Purity and Pollution

Hinduism is an ancient and highly complex religion. Because it is practiced in so many varied ways by such a large population of people, it’s nearly impossible to give it one precise description. But one thing all Hindus have in common is their reverence of water. With water, Hindus attain purity and avoid pollution — […]

October 1st

Vandana Shiva and the Fight for Our World

The use of genetically modified food, or GMOs, is controversial. Some argue that genetically modified crops are good because they can contain vitamins and minerals that improve people’s health and allow higher quantities of food to be produced, so more people can eat. But others are worried about “playing God,” as well as the increased risks to the […]

August 27th

Consumption’s Effects on the Spirit

The threat to the environment of over-consumption, from wasting water resources to pouring dirty-burning fuel into over-sized automobiles, is well documented if not very well heeded. A self-centered world view is a common pitfall of human nature that even appealing to concern for one’s children and grandchildren can fail to refocus. Egocentric behavior is likely […]

July 15th