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Native Hawaiian Healer, Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona

The Hawaiian culture has a vibrant, rich history of rulers and its own spiritual beliefs prior to colonization. Being connected to nature is evident in the state renowned for its tropical beaches, surfing, and beautiful sunsets. A celebrated figure in its heritage is a native Hawaiian healer named Morrnah Nalamaku Simeona. Born in 1913, Simeona […]

April 28th

Moderation, a Green Virtue

The human race consumes natural resources faster than the earth can regenerate them. We cut down too many forests, pull too many fish from the sea, and pump more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than the earth’s biomass can absorb. We’re running at a deficit, and sticking future generations with the bill. The planet seems […]

February 12th

The National Religious Partnership for the Environment

By Steve Theunissen We’ve covered the connection between environmentalism and Judeo-Christian thought elsewhere on EdenKeeper. In Genesis, God gave humans dominion over the Earth.  But this doesn’t mean that humans have absolute rule and can subjugate the environment.  Instead, humans must act as stewards of the environment, actively trying to benefit the planet as we better our […]

December 18th

Getting to Know Eco-Spirituality

When I tell people about EdenKeeper they are often surprised that someone is trying to make a spiritual connection to the environment. “Christians aren’t really environmental,” they say, or “Do you mean like worshipping Mother Earth?” If I use the word “religion” instead of “spiritual” when explaining Eden Keeper, that opens the door to a […]

December 11th

Make a Spiritual Connection to the Environment

Being an environmentalist is sometimes depressing. We are told that the oceans are rising, the planet is heating, our forests are dying, our polar bears are drowning, our water is drying up, and our air is becoming more and more toxic to breathe.  We try to do our part by recycling and carpooling, but we’re […]

November 25th