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Unitarian Universalist Green Sanctuary: A Model of Environmental Stewardship

While many faith communities find it a challenge to “green up” their congregations, one community has successfully developed a model program combining spiritual outreach with environmental advocacy. Unitarian Universalists (UU), a progressive interfaith theological movement, has created the Green Sanctuary Program, and it is helping to guide their congregations in becoming environmental advocates for the […]

October 21st

What Is Religious Enlightenment?

Envisioning a world “empowered by reason, compassion, justice, and love,” the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Door County, Wisconsin, is a shining example of religious enlightenment. They are helping to bring unity to the world through purposeful activities, guided by this enlightened vision. Because we’ve seen so many religious/spiritual groups truly exemplifying religious enlightenment, we’re starting […]

October 20th

Blessing of the Animals Honors the Earth’s Creatures

This past week was a special holiday for Earth’s creatures. On October 4, parishes around the country and the world celebrated the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi with the annual blessing of the animals. This feast day celebrates the legacy of St. Francis, and is a wonderful time in autumn to bless your pet […]

October 15th

Lakota Indian Tribe Receiving New Sustainable Housing

The conditions on Native American reservations are known for being difficult, offering little support and resources for tribes. Poverty and crime make life a daily struggle for the indigenous people of this country. But there are good signs of change in some regions. One place that is becoming more sustainable and upholding its heritage at […]

October 7th

Nature as a Door to Spirit

Many articles on EdenKeeper elucidate principles found in a wide spectrum of spiritual philosophies supporting reverence and care for the natural environment. What may not be as clear is the role that the natural environment can play in awakening an individual to the all-pervasive presence of spirit. Relentless urban living affects the ability to connect […]

August 28th

Aboriginal Spirituality and the Oil Sands

Every day more people wade into the discussion for and against the oil sands development in Alberta, Canada. While the debate rages about the economic, social, and environmental outcomes, one piece is missing from the media and larger social discussion. How do the oil sands affect the local aboriginal spirituality? As aboriginal reservations and settlements […]

June 18th