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Spirituality May Make You More Environmental, Study Shows

Buddhists don’t believe that nature is sacred or that humans have a special relationship to creation. Instead, they believe in an interconnectedness with nature — that nature is not separate from our fully enlightened nature and that by respecting nature, we can achieve enlightenment. This “belief in Oneness” evident in Buddhism, but also prevalent among the […]

August 12th

Mexico City Honors Buddhist Environmental Leader

Yesterday, the Legislative Assembly in Mexico City recognized the Gyalwang Durkpa, the spiritual head of the thousand-year-old Dukpa Order of Buddhists, as an honorary member. The recognition was part of Mexico’s thrust on environmental consciousness and proactive environmental initiatives. Addressing the assembly, the Gyalwang Drukpa encouraged environmental protection and shared a message of peace. The […]

July 26th

Engaged Buddhism? What’s That?

Engaged Buddhism is defined by Wikipedia as “… Buddhists who are seeking ways to apply the insights from meditation practice and dharma teachings to situations of social, political, environmental, and economic suffering and injustice.”  Some would argue that such engagement with the world was not part of the Buddha’s original teachings. This may be technically true. After all, 2,500 years ago the world was a […]

July 25th

Consumption’s Effects on the Spirit

The threat to the environment of over-consumption, from wasting water resources to pouring dirty-burning fuel into over-sized automobiles, is well documented if not very well heeded. A self-centered world view is a common pitfall of human nature that even appealing to concern for one’s children and grandchildren can fail to refocus. Egocentric behavior is likely […]

July 15th

The Buddhist Ecological Movement

In Buddhism we see no real direct reference to environmental concerns or damage in the teachings. This can lead to feelings that Buddhism is not really interested in environmental issues, as Buddhism has espoused non-action and no attachment to this world. People have misunderstood this to mean a lack of interest in the environment. This […]

July 9th

Dealing With Trash in a New, Spiritual Way

I came to the decision to live without plastic garbage bags largely because of plastic garbage in the oceans. You can learn a ton about the problem and solutions at 5 Gyres. Yes, there are currently five gyres or areas where large swaths of plastic and other trash circle endlessly in the seven seas. Much of that mess is […]

June 28th

A Meditation on the Environment

Like many, my worry over the way we humans have and continue to trash the planet seems to grow worse with every headline. Yes, I realize that even writing this essay means I’m increasing my carbon footprint! I’m using my desktop computer and, if it warms up just a bit, I’ll turn on my ceiling […]

June 16th