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Spiritual Explorer: The Final Days Of The Kandy Kingdom

The city itself is embodied by its greenness. Not the trash littered in the side streets, or piled out front of houses burning in smoldering heaps – this is all too obvious. You can feel the smog enveloping you on hot days sitting in noontime traffic. It’s a thin shroud, a foul odor that claustrophobia […]

March 23rd

Explore Kiyomizu Temple’s Natural Spirit

Some of the best places for spiritual contemplation are known for their beautiful natural surroundings. They are an oasis from the demands of the world, where you can sit and reflect in the tranquility. Kiyomizu Temple, an acclaimed Japanese Buddhist temple in Kyoto, Japan, is a prime example of the melding between spirituality and nature. Also known […]

February 19th

Exploring the Intricate Sand Mandala of Buddhism

Standing on the outside, looking into the profound depths of symbolism represented in a colorful Buddhist sand mandala, fascination and imagination find rare delight. Layer upon layer, the mandala draws the viewer in, slowly, reflectively, intriguingly toward the center. The journey from the present reality to the possible sublime is lined with intricate angles and […]

February 10th

Meditation, Mindfulness, and Transforming the Environment

Mindfulness is a word that became popular last year. Its meaning is to be non-judgementally present in the moment. Everyone from Oprah to Kobe Bryant is mentioning this practice in the media. The principle of mindfulness is being applied to all areas of life, including dealing with challenging situations at work, healthcare, and even urgent […]

January 14th

China Issues First Buddhist Edict Protecting Wildlife

Calling upon all Buddhists around the country, the China Buddhist Association has issued a landmark declaration for Buddhists to “obey rules and laws on wildlife protection, to refrain from participating in any killing or trade of wildlife.” Furthermore, the edict requests Chinese Buddhists to “refuse to buy and use wildlife products such as ivory and […]

January 13th

Verses in Buddhism on Humankind and Creation

While there are various classifications of Buddhism, achieving the enlightened state of Buddhahood is the common goal of all Buddhists. In Tibetan Buddhism, for example, the Mahāyāna goal of spiritual development is to achieve the enlightenment of buddhahood in order to most efficiently help all other sentient beings attain this state. Perhaps the best known […]

January 3rd

Dalai Lama Joins Nobel Peace Summit in Rome

“Nothing is as antagonistic to peace as the human mind without love, compassion, and reverence for life and nature.” This is the first statement of the final declaration issued by nine Nobel Peace Prize winners deliberating the ways and means of living life in peace. “Peace thrives,” stated the Nobel Peace Laureates, “where governance protects […]

December 29th