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Quinoa: A Sacred Grain

To the Inca it was the mother grain. To Americans it’s a superfood. Quinoa in the last decade has seen a worldwide resurgence popping up in whole food stores, on restaurant menus, and dinner tables across the world. But what does this resurgence mean to the Andean communities where this plant grows? How does the […]

January 8th

Protecting the Life of the Ocean

By Gina Merlino Pollution is an environmental issue that persists and causes concern to experts worried about climate change. Legislation can’t keep up to make significant enough changes. According to a November report, the ocean waters have come 26% more acidic since the start of the Industrial Revolution and are continuing. What’s more, they are warmer due […]

December 23rd

Playing Politics With Creation

E. Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance recently blessed us all with an article titled Greening the Churches: The Role of Left-Wing Foundations in the Rise of Religious Environmentalism.  In the article, Mr. Beisner attempts to provide evidence that religious groups have been overtaken by valueless, corrupt, liberals.  Such evidence includes faith organizations’ support of recycling […]

December 19th

Snow Day

By Kathy Teel I’ve been indoors over 24 hours, because it snowed here in the Ozarks. One thing I love about living here is that we get ALL the weather, from earthquakes to heat waves to the whipping ends of Gulf hurricanes. We’re probably most affected by ice storms (ie, the Great Ice Storm of […]

December 12th

Politicians Using the Bible to Deny Climate Change

Environmentalism is clearly a Christian value.  Although the Bible says that we have “dominion” over the Earth, the Bible also says that Earth is ultimately God’s.  Our rule is not absolute.  We are merely stewards tasked with the responsibility of caring for God’s creation. This is a pretty clear concept.  That’s why I get so […]

December 2nd

What Does Black Friday Say About Our Values?

One moment you’re existing in a golden haze of turkey, stuffing, football, and the love of your family and friends.  Then Black Friday (now Thursday) pops up and slaps you across the face!  All of a sudden you’re standing in the cold among strangers, and then — when the poor, overworked, underpaid employees of Walmart […]

November 29th

Five Reasons for an Environmentalist to Give Thanks

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have found five reasons for an environmentalist to give thanks today: #1:  National Parks Can you imagine our federal government today voting to set aside huge tracts of land for public use, and investing in the land’s wellbeing?  It’s a radical concept, but thanks to John Muir, Theodore Roosevelt, and […]

November 28th

Hey! Environmentalism Is a Christian Value Too!

Last weekend Christian conservatives and fundamentalist republicans gathered at the Value Voters Conference in DC.  The agenda was… interesting.  Sessions included:  Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition! and The War on Football:  Saving America’s Game.  It’s hard to see how Christianity, guns, and football are related, but maybe I’d be more enlightened if I’d […]

October 19th