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What Religion May Bring to the Environmental Table

A recent USA Today article, “Taking to the Pulpit Against Climate Change,” depicts a war between religious environmentalists and Christian conservatives. It’s an interesting article that highlights the growing number of individuals and groups who are making the connection between religion and environmentalism. But it does make me wonder — if more religious leaders take the pulpit […]

July 16th

Remember, the Koch Brothers Fart Too

Ever try picturing an audience naked to make yourself feel less nervous? What about picturing the Koch brothers farting? As repulsive an idea as that sounds (although picturing them naked is probably worse), it’s a good reminder that we’re all humans with bodies that eat, fart, burp, and orgasm. We may feel superior to the […]

June 12th

Why God Must Be Part of Our Environmental Discussion

Green sloganeering can celebrate a marketing victory. “Environmental protection,” “environmentalism,” and “green” have won the hearts and minds of the world. Countries across the globe — even rogue North Korea — have claimed to join the movement. Indeed, environmental marketing has become so successful that no company or country, person or politician wants to be […]

May 29th

United Kingdom’s Heated Halal and Kosher Debate

Roasted chicken is good. Wild salmon is great. And a nice, juicy steak… let’s just say it’s almost a divine experience. But while meat is delicious to eat, it’s also incredible controversial. A recent Slate article called the meat industry “one of the top contributors to climate change” and there’s no shortage of PETA pamphlets depicting horrors at factory […]

May 22nd

Why Do Christian Politicians Help Big Oil and Hurt Us?

Last Friday, the Kansas House of Representatives voted 63-60 to defeat a bill that would have weakened the state’s renewable energy standard. It wasn’t the first time legislation to roll back the state’s environmental laws was defeated by the house. In fact, according to Kansas Interfaith Power & Light, an interfaith religious organization dedicated to […]

May 7th

A Response to Conservative Skeptics

Last week the Huffington Post published my article, “How to Talk to a Conservative About the Environment,” which laid out some religious and economic arguments liberals could make for environmentalism. The article was featured on the front page for three days and generated over 100 comments. Needless to say, having my words and thoughts out […]

April 30th

Clean Energy’s Benefits Extend Beyond Clean Air

Zach Shahan, the Director and Editor of our sister site, CleanTechnica.com, recently wrote an article focused on renewable energy for a Buddhist magazine, SGI Quarterly, called “Communicating the Energy Revolution.” In the article, Shahan discusses the clean-tech movement — it’s current state and what it’s taught him. He emphasizes not only the environmental benefits of solar and […]

April 29th

Earth Day Reminds Us That We Are All Connected

Today is Earth Day. When it was first celebrated on April 22, 1970, Earth Day was a day to unite environmentalists. “Before [that], there were people that opposed freeways, people that opposed clear-cutting, or people worried about pesticides, [but] they didn’t think of themselves as having anything in common. After Earth Day they were all part […]

April 22nd