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What Would Zeus Drive?

A few months ago, we answered the question: What Would Jesus Drive? This week EdenKeeper will continue to ponder one of the greatest theological questions of our modern times: what vehicles would the world’s gods, prophets, and enlightened teachers drive? This is a legitimate question to ask. Every religious leader from the Pope to the Dalai […]

March 24th

Quotes From Right Wing, Crunchy Conservatives

Caring for the environment is a moral duty, not a political position. That’s why it’s so wonderful to see right wing, conservatives promoting environmentalism — in their own way. Check out the quotes below to see which of your favorite right wingers have taken a stand for Mother Nature. Rand Paul Rand Paul is the […]

March 17th

How to Have a Divine Cleaning Experience

It’s well accepted that a clean environment is good for the body, mind, and spirit. But people often over look the simple spiritual joy the process of cleaning can bring. Now that spring is upon us and cleaning is on our minds, why not enjoy beautifying your space. Here are four simple steps to have a […]

March 6th

How to Meditate and Exercise by Connecting to Nature

By Mica D’Alesandro Wondering how to meditate and exercise? Walking outside is a great and fun way to exercise, untangle your mind, and connect your spirit to the natural world around you. From local parks to state parks, from warm beaches to snowy paths, from cliffs to waterfalls, there is always something to explore that’s […]

January 27th

What Would Jesus Drive?

By Matthew Tomasino If Jesus were to appear today he would surely have to find some way to get around.  I can’t imagine he’d want to limit healing the afflicted and performing miracles to a 10-mile radius.  So the question is, “What would Jesus drive?” He’d Ride Responsibly Genesis 1:1, “In the beginning when God created […]

December 9th