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Life After Death Gets Real: The Bios Urn

  Most of us have probably at least given some thought to the notion of life after death, and if you’ve ever participated in a religious tradition, you’ve also got a narrative for what that might look like. Nature, on the other hand, works on a more literal version of this concept: waste, whether in […]

February 26th

Vermont Living Recalls the Time of Goblins and Gods

About a year ago, in Boston, I first saw Stalker, Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1979 film about a small expedition into the mysterious “Zone,” led by the title character, “the Stalker.” The remoteness and lush greenery (if a film has a primary color, Stalker‘s might be “forest green”) of the film’s “Zone” provided a sharp contrast to […]

February 17th

The Congregational Energy Audit: Getting Ready For Audit Day!

Once your congregation has decided to audit its energy use to find to find cost savings and lighten its environmental impacts, you’ll need to start preparing for the actual audit itself. First, you’ll need to find a professional auditor with the right experience and equipment to assess your campus’ energy use and potential savings. Check […]

Keystone XL Pipeline Opposition: Beaver Lake Cree Nation

Canada’s First Nations indigenous tribespeople are taking the lead in the opposition of the Keystone XL Pipeline. One group, the Beaver Lake Cree Nation believes that the Keystone XL pipeline threatens the land, ecosystems, cultural heritage, and health of all humans.  What makes the Beaver Lake Cree Nation remarkable is their small size, compared to […]

February 5th

The Age of Sabots in 15th Century Netherlands

In terms of cleaning up an old house and making it livable at the same time, I’ve so far mentioned items either directly useful, like chairs to sit in, or ritualistically useful, like a historical tea set. But other found objects fit less obviously into the spheres of use. In fact, with the advances in […]

February 3rd

Sacred Herbs Offer Holistic Healing

Successful solutions that have been used throughout human history often make a comeback for solving modern problems. In recent years, holistic forms of medicine have entered the mainstream of modern life. One such holistic method making a comeback is herbal medicines. With roots in ecology and spirituality, herbal therapies have historically been used for both […]

January 28th

Does Your Congregation Need An Energy Audit?

How much energy does your congregation – whether church, mosque, temple, or other – use in a month? If you’ve got members interested in environmental issues, you may already have someone, or a committee, tracking your electricity and gas consumption, and making suggestions for ways to better manage these resources. If you don’t have such […]