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Badiuzzaman: Building Bridges Between Science & Religion (Part 2)

Originally published on OnIslam.net Living in the Ottoman Empire at the end of the 19th century where a swirling of ideological clashes and philosophical quarrels of concepts took place, the Kurdish Sunni Imam Badiuzzaman Said Nursi was steadily moving in his enlightened way in unwavering footsteps based upon two pillars: science and religion. In the […]

May 23rd

Solar Power Rising in Muslim Bashkortostan

From deep down in the Earth, 300,000 barrels of oil a day are filled in the Autonomous Republic of Bashkortostan. Nevertheless, this oil-wealthy majority Muslim nation is expanding its economic energy in the direction of up. High up into the sky to be specific. Turning its energy and attention to the bright, shining sun, Bashkortostan’s […]

May 18th

Badiuzzaman: The Earth is an Exhibition of God’s Art (Part 1)

Originally published on OnIslam.net (Part 1) At the turn of the 19th century, civilization was at a crossroads, a chasm was widening between science and faith, but Badiuzzaman Said Nursi was born to build bridges. Living in a modern age with an enlightened mind, the junction of science and religion never represented a parting of […]

May 16th

Why Religion Matters to the Sustainable Food Movement

  The connections between religious traditions and food usually come to us as proscriptions: Jews and Muslims can’t eat pork, Hindus can’t eat beef and other meats, and Catholics should avoid meat on Fridays during Lent. Dr. Rachel Kohn, a radio host on Australia’s ABC network recently discussed Sydney’s FoodFaith event which considered why religion […]

Enacting Utopia With A Fourierist Banquet

  Yet the earth is in violent upheaval with the need to create. This can be seen from the frequent appearances of the aurora borealis, which are a symptom of the planet’s being in rut, a useless effusion of creative fluid, which cannot conjoin with the southern fluid as long as the human race has […]

March 30th

Native Americans Use Dry Farming To Fight Climate Change

  Fighting climate change can take on many different forms. Some of the best advocates don’t use the latest scientific data or high-tech methods to enact change. Rather, they use the practices of their ancestors. Such is the case with a group of Native Americans who are using an unexpected approach to protect natural resources. […]

March 17th

Observations Of The Carnival In New Orleans: What Does Mardi Gras Mean?

Carnival has come and gone. I spent the festivities traditionally preceding Lent (the period in the Christian calendar leading up to Easter, marked by prayer, sacrifice, and atonement) in a city especially known for such festivities, New Orleans. Walking through the city itself, past so many different remarkable buildings, experiencing an equal number of different […]

March 2nd