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Dear God, is Oil a Blessing or a Curse?

By calling on Oklahomans to pray for oil, Governor Mary Fallin has stretched the limits of my patience and perhaps a little bit of my better judgment. Governor Fallin would have us all believe that it’s been a really tough year for the oil industry. In fact, it’s been so bad that she sat herself […]

October 20th

Obama Fights Zombie Kids With New Initiative

You know what’s scary? Zombie kids — small, pale, motionless blobs with an eerie detachment from the world around them. No one wants to see vacant stares from children; it’s freaky and pretty depressing. But as more and more kids connect to their computers and iPhones, and disconnect from the world around them, the number of zombie kids […]

August 24th

World Cup Spirituality and Environmentalism? Of Course!

In the heat of the 2014 World Cup, I’ve been rereading parts of Soccer in Sun and Shadow, Eduardo Galeano’s poetically subjective history of “the beautiful game.” The team of Galeano’s home country, Uruguay, will face Italy on Tuesday, in each team’s third game of the first round — a more or less winner-take-all match. […]

June 23rd

Funny Or Die Presents “Creationist Cosmos”

We at EdenKeeper have gotten a little frustrated/angry/scared/sad about the popularity creationism seems to be gaining. It baffles us that creationists can’t see the spirituality associated with scientific discovery. It maddens us to see the Bible warped into a textbook. And it deeply concerns us to see the growing number of schools teaching creationism and […]

April 16th

What Would Ganesha Drive?

This week we’re contemplating what vehicles our gods, prophets, and religious teachers would drive. One that’s been of particular interest to me is the Hindu god, Ganesha. The deity with the elephant head and human body is often pictured riding a mouse, known as Mushika, in paintings, statues, and figurines. But what if he wanted to trade […]

March 27th

What Would Moses Drive?

Continuing on our quest to answer what cars the world’s gods, prophets, and holy teachers would drive, today EdenKeeper is tackling the question: What would Moses drive? Most of us know the story of Moses — he is an important prophet in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. He is famously known for encountering God in the […]

March 26th

What Would Buddha Drive?

At EdenKeeper we aren’t afraid of providing affirmative answers to your deep theological questions. We’ve analyzed the Bible and told you what Jesus would drive if he was still performing miracles and healing the afflicted today. We looked closely at Greek mythology and figured out that Zeus would drive a Chevy (thunder)Volt when he wanted […]

March 25th

What Would Zeus Drive?

A few months ago, we answered the question: What Would Jesus Drive? This week EdenKeeper will continue to ponder one of the greatest theological questions of our modern times: what vehicles would the world’s gods, prophets, and enlightened teachers drive? This is a legitimate question to ask. Every religious leader from the Pope to the Dalai […]

March 24th