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Inspiring Nature Photos for a Friday Afternoon

Need some inspiration this Friday afternoon?  Here’s a healthy dose of inspiring nature photos to get you through the rest of the day and get you out of the house this weekend.  Enjoy! Inspiring Nature Photo 1:  A Tree Frog Riding on a Beetle One of this year’s early entries for the Sony World Photography Awards is […]

December 6th

Living Deliberately at Walden Pond

Yesterday, I visited Walden Pond. The sun was out, but it was still November and cold, cold, cold, cold. The type of day that makes you realize why New Englanders tend to be a little harder than those of us from California. But I welcomed the freezing wind because it drove the crowds away. I […]

November 26th

Yosemite: A Holy Temple

Yosemite is a song. Turning off Highway 99 towards Mariposa you hear the introductory bars that build the song’s suspense.  Rolling golden fields stretch out on both sides of the country road.  The sun is behind you and the cool mountain air is in front.  You get to Mariposa and head towards the Park.  The […]

October 24th