Farming in India

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WWOOF-ing India Week 5: Saying Good Bye

Time has flown by and I find myself in my last week at Samata in almost a blink. Sam and Mel left for Sri Lanka and Matt went to live on the Tamarind property. I was alone again but the loneliness didn’t bite so much this time around. I spent most of my time helping […]

October 31st

WWOOF-ing India Week 4: Life Lessons

The week started off with sweet farewells and a welcoming. It was time for Pettina and Alexa (the two American girls) to leave the farm and travel to Hyderabad to continue with school. And it was also time for the arrival of Tamarind Café’s Chef, Kaoru Kawabe. To honor the occasion, we went for a […]

October 24th

WWOOF-ing India Week 3: Growing Friendships & Plants

Under a moody weather — mostly characterized by intense heat during the day followed by stormy rainfall at sunset — our days WWOOF-ing began earlier at 8am to avoid the scorching heat and to make the most of the day. Fellow volunteers got comfortable with one another and an exchange of exciting stories about their […]

October 18th

WWOOF-ing India Week 2: Bugs, Dung, and Darkness

A quick flight and an hour-and-a-half long car ride later, I arrived at Samata’s Mango Tree property adjoining the organic farm ready to WWOOF. In an ongoing humdrum of construction and farm work, I met with Jonathan Benda, the garden manger, who is nothing short of a walking-talking encyclopedia. His agility and confidence has enabled him […]

October 10th

WWOOF-ing India Week 1: City Girl in a Farm World

** Editors Note: Over the next two months, EdenKeeper will feature the personal journal entries of Mahek Shringhey, a self-proclaimed “foodie” from Mumbai, India as she works on an organic farm in Goa and travels to vanilla plantations in southern India. Follow along on her mouth-watering journey as she explores the connection between the stomach, […]

October 3rd