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Protecting Cedar Mesa’s Wild Beauty and Sacred Sites

In the southeastern corner of Utah sits the quiet plateau of Cedar Mesa. During the day, clouds cast shadows over the sandy stretches of juniper, sage, and piñon. At night, stars spill across the sky. Two matching buttes, known as Bears Ears, rise in the distance beckoning rock climbers. The colors of the land, the stirrings […]

August 11th

Is the Smog Lifting in China?

When I woke up one spring day in 2009 in Xi’an (Shannxi Province), I could barely breathe. The hostel I was staying at was in a flurry as masks were handed out to all the guests. We were told that we should cancel our plans to travel to the Qing Tombs because the air was bad. As […]

May 1st

Spiritual Explorer: Once More To The Skies

After the rain comes again the sun The clouds depart, skittering to and fro Far from each other to reveal again A pale blue sky taking its first breaths. The sun rays unbridled spill to the floor I pocket them in pieces, And call them hope.   I chose a window seat on the plane, […]

April 10th

Spiritual Explorer: A Shooting Star Over Hikkadua

“It is impossible that anything so natural, so necessary, and so universal as death, should ever have been designed by Providence as an evil to mankind.” Jonathan Swift On a warm clear Saturday on the beach in Hikkadua, Sri Lanka, a brief flickering light shot across the sky. I saw it, I know that it […]

April 3rd

Spiritual Explorer: The World In A Day

Imagine if you could see the entire world in a single day. If you could, in a day, soar to the dazzling heights of its tallest towers, and dive the bottom-most crags in the depths of the oceans, and know them as you do the lines and wrinkles of your own face. Think of what […]

March 27th

Monarch Butterflies Show Spiritual Renewal In Nature

  A new season is here, and with that the flowers are blooming and the birds are chirping. Another mark of Spring is butterflies flying through with their colorful wings. One of the best known is the monarch butterfly. With their gold and black pattern, they are easy to spot and excellent to photograph. They […]

March 24th

Spiritual Explorer: The Final Days Of The Kandy Kingdom

The city itself is embodied by its greenness. Not the trash littered in the side streets, or piled out front of houses burning in smoldering heaps – this is all too obvious. You can feel the smog enveloping you on hot days sitting in noontime traffic. It’s a thin shroud, a foul odor that claustrophobia […]

March 23rd