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Jodorowsky’s Quest for the Mythical City of Tar Alejandro Jodorowsky, the filmmaker/mime/writer/Tarot expert/etc., has made a spiritual journey of his entire body of work. This applies to both the body in its entirety and each of its individual parts. In the book Anarchy and Alchemy, Ben Cobb uses this quest as an underpinning for his discussion of each of Jodorowsky’s films, citing […]

October 4th

Values in Trivialism: “Songs From the Second Floor”

Performing a trick on stage, a magician accidentally saws directly into his volunteer. Flagellants slowly march through city streets, past an endless sea of traffic, whipping themselves with rope. A man burns his furniture store down in the midst of an economic crisis. He goes to a church, where the vicar complains that he has […]

July 23rd

Kurosawa and His Trinity of Human, Spirit, and Nature

Akira Kurosawa, the legendary film director, likes triangles. I’m not an expert in his work, or enough a fan to know how much he’s talked directly about geometric shapes, but having seen a few of his movies, I believe he enjoys the the three-cornered formation. Kurosawa’s fascination with triangles seems most obvious in the most […]

May 16th

“Only Lovers Left Alive” Teaches Us How to Live

What would you do with immortality? The question was asked by a few filmmakers during the SXSW Film Festival earlier this year. And now Director Jim Jarmusch is asking it again with “Only Lovers Left Alive,” a loose adaptation of Mark Twain’s The Diaries of Adam and Eve. In the film Adam (Tom Hiddleston) and Eve […]

May 7th

Aronofsky’s “Noah” Links Righteousness With Environmentalism

Darren Aronofsky is best known for portraying disturbing, tortured characters, like those in Requiem for a Dream and Black Swan, who struggle with their obsessions. But Aronofsky, who was raised culturally Jewish, has also explored religious themes in Pi and the The Fountain. His newest movie, Noah, is a combination of both themes — a prophet who struggles with his obsession to prove […]

April 3rd

SXSW Film Festival Showcases Immortality

While attending this year’s SXSW Film Festival, I noticed several themes, including time travel, yetis, and — the one that popped up most in my viewings — immortality. Here, I’d like to talk about the two films that address that topic most directly. One of the best documentaries I saw, The Immortalists, depicts two leading […]

March 26th

Mount Tamalpais and the Untold Story of Its West Peak

North of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge stands Mount Tamalpais. It is a majestic and sacred landmark on the horizon that all locals recognize. But many locals may not have heard its story of war and environmental degradation told in a new documentary, The Invisible Peak. People often travel to “Mount Tam” for its beautiful […]

February 25th